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Advanced IT solutions

Żoliborz One, first IT building in Żoliborz

To ensure the highest quality of services, we took care of providing comprehensive, advanced IT and telecommunication technologies for tenants of the building, meeting the needs of various companies, especially from the IT sector.

Central database center with IT support

To increase comfort of the building, the investor is planning to deliver a central server room with the highest standard of safety, accessible to all tenants.

Two independent fiber-optic connections

The speed and safety of data transfer will be guaranteed by two independent fiber-optic connections operated by two providers.

IP Telephony

The system connects the basic functionality of traditional telephony with the latest achievements and advanced features of modern telephone systems to improve sales, marketing and customer support of our tenants.

Audio & Video Conferencing

The building will be equipped with technology enabling advanced videoconferencing, allowing a remote connection with one or more recipients. This considerable advantage improves creativity and effectiveness even if part of a team responsible for a project works in a remote location.